The School of Life provides coaching, consultations, school redesign, and professional development for a variety of stakeholders including but not limited to executive directors, principals, parents, teachers, and students.


The Goal

Collaborate with parents and members of the school-based leadership team to design and implement a school-wide family and community building plan designed to cultivate positive relationships and maximize stakeholder expertise.



Worked with families, students and staff to co-design a family and community building plan aimed to support, increase and improve open, two-way communication between families, students and staff; provide numerous opportunities for shared decision-making and involvement in classroom, school, and district wide activities; and strengthen school spirit, appreciation and pride.



“I've had the pleasure of working with Tara for the past few months and boy have I been impressed. We wisely chose her to create and implement a Town Hall meeting at Drew Charter School in Atlanta to bring parent stakeholders together to help craft a plan to make decisions, create a Traditions Calendar and allow parents to be at the table as the school is being molded. Tara did a fantastic job listening to our needs and concerns well, putting together a comprehensive plan, collaborating and communicating with the leadership team and leading the Town Hall Meeting. Tara is passionate about education and children and it shows. More than that she is educated, experienced and competent to serve them and their stakeholders in a way that is affirming, knowledgeable, disarming and confident. Tara is a real jewel and we are so very glad she decided to move to Atlanta recently. Lots of work to do here and with Tara in the midst we all win.”

- Genie McGee, Parent